Inqusitives in Eberron

Session 3 - 2/27/09

The PCs waited out the rest of the night/morning at the warehouse waiting for their Halfing employer to return. When he was a no show they decided to return to the office to rest and regroup. Shortly after leaving the warehouse the denziens of the streets cleared out and the party was left to do battle w/ a group of Orcs. The PCs, rather handily, dispatched the group.

After the battle the party came across a murder scene – a dead woman laying in an alley, Polly Nichols. City Watch is no where to be seen since they are in the The Cogs. Body is mangled. Witness reports seeing someone in a top hat. Another witness reports a humanoid w/ old-style doctor bag. Yet another reports seeing someone/thing in a long black cape…


DakotaYoda DakotaYoda

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