Inqusitives in Eberron

Session 2 - 1/31/09

In the last game the PCs averted a fight w/ the Tiefling,Damaia Kareen, and her Warforged pals. PCs learned that she was working for a 1/2 Orc named Dalton Timmock that used to, or still does, own the warehouse they were hired to investiagate for ghosts, etc.

Dalton is in hiding currently as he is being hunted by the Halfling that hired the PCs. The Halfling is actually Tiel Boramar and is the illegitimate son of Sandamir Boramar. Tiel has taken control of Timmock warehouse and believes that he is dead. Tiel is looking for a book – and Damaia is able to tell the PCs that the book is related to Warforged creation and was either written by or belonged to an exiled D’Cannith artificer.

PCs learned, during researching, that the area of the warehouse used to be slave pits/gladiator area many years ago. A huge fire wiped out most of the structures all at once and they PCs also learned that there were some very gruesome murders in the area before the fires wiped everything out. Rumors of a mad Warforged, a vampire clan, or some kind of cult were prevalent as to the cause of the murders.


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